Faculty Annual Report v.3 Now Online

We are pleased to inform you that Faculty Annual Reports v. 3 is now available online. Based on the input from our faculty users, many additional features have been added to FARO.

Last year, 156 tenured and tenure-track faculty (about 82%) in the College of Arts & Sciences submitted their 2009 annual report online. We hope even more faculty members will complete their 2010 faculty annual report online this academic year.

The deadline established by the Faculty Handbook for submission of the 2010 faculty annual report is Tuesday, February 15, 2011. However, faculty are encouraged to complete their 2010 faculty annual report at least two weeks before that deadline.  This will allow the chairpersons to complete their reviews of the reports with faculty and enable the Dean to meet shortly thereafter with all of the chairs in order to complete the review cycle in a timely fashion.

You can access the online Faculty Annual Report Online by doing the following:

1.    Login to MySJU.
2.    Click School Services/Faculty and Advisor.
3.    Click Faculty Annual Reports (the last item on the list).
4.    Click 2010 to start filling out the 2010 faculty annual report.

You will find it convenient to use Faculty Annual Reports throughout the remainder of this year to keep your 2010 annual report updated with your most recent activities and accomplishments –presentations, publications, etc.– rather than waiting until the end of the year to provide this information.   All information that was previously entered in your report will be retained in the database.

User information for the Faculty Annual Reports can be found at:


If you have any questions, please email Anne Szewczyk at szewczyk@sju.edu.