Blackboard 9.1 Workshops

As of June 21, 2010, all Blackboard courses  — with the exception of summer courses which are still running v. 7.3 — have been migrated to Blackboard 9.1.  A series of Blackboard 9.1 workshops have been scheduled so our faculty can familiarize themselves with the new version of Bb.

Introduction to Blackboard 9.1 – Getting Started:

Blackboard 9.1 will be available on June 22, 2010.

All of your Bb courses from previous semesters have been imported into Bb9.1.

Any faculty teaching over the summer will continue using Bb7.3

In the past, the upgrades to new versions of Blackboard have gone virtually unnoticed since the interface for the faculty has been nearly identical to pervious interfaces.

This will not be true with the move to Bb 9.1. The move from Bb 7.3 to Bb 9.1 is similar to the move from Office 2003 to Office 2007, all of the functionality is there, but access to it is different.

To begin preparing faculty members for the move to Bb 9.1, ITDL is offering workshops to introduce the new platform.

This workshop will provide an overview of Bb 9.1 and will cover the “Student View”, Creating Content and Control; Panel.

Upon completing the workshop, attendees will be able to perform some of the basic operations in the new platform.

The Bb9 workshop will be repeated on the following dates and will be held in Science 129.

June 22 9:00-10:30 3:00-4:30

June 23 3:30-5:00

June 24 9:00-10:30 3:00-4:30

June 30 10:00-11:30 2:00-3:30

July 7 10:00-11:30 2:00-3:30

July 8 9:00-10:30 3:00-4:30

July 20 10:00-11:30 2:00-3:30

July 21 9:00-10:30 3:00-4:30

July 22 10:00-11:30 2:00-3:30

Please email to register for the Bb 9.1 workshop.

Additional workshops will be scheduled.

Permission to blog received from Al Labonis on June 21, 2010.

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