CSA and SSP Registration Processes Made Easier with Technology

The previously tedious and painstaking processes involved in administering and registering users for events such as the Celebration of Student Achievement and programs like the Summer Scholars Program (see descriptions of CSA and SSP below) have now been made easier with the use of “machform” to collect registration data and “Marketplace” to collect payment.  If you are interested in using these technologies to streamline the administration and registration processes of your event/program, please contact Anne Szewczyk to get started.

CSA 2010
During the Spring, SJU celebrates student achievements in a variety of ways.  Each year, the CSA event continues to grow. CSA ‘Celebration of Student Achievement’ was held on 15 April 2010. The University honored 129 of its best students from both College of Arts and Sciences and Haub School of Business. The Poster Session showcased the exemplary academic work of these students in 77 projects, representing 20 departments.

Not only were the presentations available, but an  abstract of each student’s work was included in the CSA 2010 booklet, which was distributed that day.  Many of these projects began as summer research, independent study projects, honor theses, service-learning papers as well as course projects. Fr.Lannon and the University community came out and showed their support and the students were eager to converse about their projects.

SSP 2010
May 24, 2010 begins the kickoff for SJU Summer Scholars Program. This marks the sixth year in which the Summer Scholars Program has been open to students and faculty in all areas of the university, and the second year in which students from Lincoln University will also participate.  Over 100 applications were received in a process that began in late Fall 2009.  After careful review of all the proposals submitted, 92 SJU students and 3 Lincoln University students were accepted into the 10 week program, representing 25 departments, 20 CAS / 5 HSB. Students will engage in creative scholarly work and independent research projects with their faculty mentors.  This year, 62 mentors are participating in the Summer Scholars Program. Throughout the summer, activities are also planned for the students and mentors. As the program is completed in early August, each student is required to submit a one page abstract on their summer research findings.  The culmination of the Summer Scholars Program will take place in late November when the students are honored at the Summer Scholars Dinner.

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