Preventing Laptop Theft

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Laptops have become a valuable part of the computing arsenal. They allow users powerful mobile computers with the same capacity and software of many desktops. They also allow connectivity, even outside the office, thus freeing people to take their workplace with them. This is extremely valuable for employees who must travel frequently while remaining in continual communication with their offices. Unfortunately, the mobility, technology and information that make laptops so useful to employees and organizations also makes them valuable prizes for thieves.

It is very important to prevent laptop theft because while the software and hardware that makes up a laptop can be replaced at a limited cost, the information that may be lost when a laptop is stolen may be invaluable or irreplaceable.

There are many things one can do to prevent laptop theft.  Some low-tech solutions include using security tables and laptop safes.  Some high-tech solutions include motion sensors and alarms.  Even more effective than some of these low-tech and high-tech solutions is simply using common sense.

  1. Keep the Laptop Out of Sight – If thieves can’t see a laptop, they can’t steal a laptop. If you need to leave your laptop in the car, place it in the trunk so it is out of sight.
  2. Choose an Inconspicuous Carrying Case – Thieves will assume that any bag contains something valuable, so is best to keep all bags out of sight.
  3. Keep the Laptop Close at Hand – Don’t start leaving your bag “just for a minute” because it may sprout legs and disappear. If possible, remain in physical contact with it at all times.

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