Technology Workshop for the Humanities

This year’s Technology Workshop, titled “Creative Explorations: Digital Technology and the Humanities” showed both faculty and students how certain websites can provide learners with the tools to become active explorers rather than passive tourists.  Dr. Ann Raia, Dr. Barbara McManus, and Dr. Aimée Knight demonstrated uniquely organized, media-rich websites that will allow the eager learner to gain an in-depth understanding of a desired topic.  These websites can be used as either a basis for a course or as merely a supplement.  The presentations were followed by round table discussions.

Those who attended the workshop thought the workshop was a success as it inspired faculty to enhance the content of their teaching with technology.  Faculty who attended the workshop were also fired up with the ideas discussed at the workshop.

  • The round table discussions can be summarized as follows:
    • The workshop came at a critical time in our planning since we are at the start of planning our new GEP.
    • Dr. Knight’s Aesthetic Literacy Toolbox can be conducive to many disciplines at different levels of study.
    • Merlot- a multimedia resource, which can be used to build a site.  Merlot’s URL is:
    • David Lees and Al Labonis invited attendees to use the support of ITDL.
    • One of the faculty suggested that a grant be set up to allow faculty to develop courses using technology presented at the workshop.

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