2009 Faculty Annual Report Online

The 2009 Faculty Annual Report is now available for tenured and tenure track faculty to use. The deadline for submission for the faculty annual report is Monday, February 15, 2010. You can access the faculty annual report by:

  1. Login to mysju.
  2. Click School Services/Faculty and Advisor.
  3. Click Faculty Annual Reports (the last item on the list).
  4. Click 2009 to start filling out the 2009 faculty annual report.

Last year 110 faculty members used the online faculty annual report to file their reports. Based on feedback from our faculty, IT made quite a few changes to the format and content of the Faculty Annual Report v. 1. We asked seven faculty/chairs from each division to test the revised report. The result is a new and improved Faculty Annual Report v. 2 that went online on December 1. Some of the notable changes include:

  • Added 6 Easy to navigate individual tabs.
  • “Save and Continue” and “Save and Exit” buttons are available in each tab
  • “View/Print” allows printing a paper copy and saving the report as a PDF file.
  • Fields not applicable to faculty and left blank are suppressed in “View/Print”
  • Added pop-up text to provide clarification.
  • Added an optional “upload CV” feature.

Check the following link for instructions on how to fill out the 2009 Faculty Annual Report:


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