Senior Art Show

From April 3 through April 24, 2009, the senior art majors displayed their work in the halls of Mandeville.  Six of the fifteen seniors presented their theses in the form of video or digital photography.  Most of the digital photographers used Nikon D70 cameras to photograph their subjects and then transferred the images onto the SJU Fine Arts digital photography Mac computers to crop or slightly alter their images using Adobe Photoshop.

Each of the four photographers had different styles and messages with their portfolio of work. “I strive to only digitally enhance my images’ color and minor flaws, and not manipulate the image as something I did not physically create in while shooting,” said senior Gabrielle Petrillo.  Fellow senior Malcolm Harkins explains in his artist statement that, “…it is through content, the subtle manipulation of palette, and space that I attempt to reflect the anxieties which I personally have had difficulty articulating. It is through the creation of these images that I was able to actualize these feelings…”

Seniors Bobby Morris and Stephen Lorek used Sony camcorders to shoot their videos and then used the SJU video production lab to compile and edit their videos.  Both Morris and Lorek primarily used Apple’s “Final Cut Pro” program to edit their videos.

In addition to filming with a camcorder, Lorek also used a “point and shoot” camera and Apple’s “Photobooth” to add still shots to his film.  He also referenced some historical footage with he obtained from  Lorek “incorporates music into each one of his videos to enhance and dramatize the visual experience.”

Morris used Adobe’s “After Effects” program along with Apple’s “Logic” for all of the sound in his films.  Morris says, “…I want to use epic and fantastical elements to amuse, arouse, inspire, incite and [more often than not] make people feel pure discomfort. I want to disturb deeply rooted ideas about love, loss, gender, sex, religion and politics.”  Morris’ film can currently be found on YouTube.  It will also be mentioned in a Philadelphia Weekly art review this week as well as in Roberta Fallon and Libby Rosof’s well known art blog.

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