Blackboard Workshop for CAS Administrative Assistants

On March 18, Al Labonis conducted a workshop covering basic features in Blackboard to Administrative Assistants in CAS.  Al is the Instructional Designer of the Instructional Technology Distributed Learning (ITDL) division of the Information Technology Department. Our Administrative Assistants expressed a desire to become familiar with Bb’s basic features. Their interest stems from their need to have some knowledge of Bb in the event that they are approached by faculty in need of information or assistance in basic Bb tasks. As part of the professional development workshops for CAS Administrative Assistants, Lorraine Hannon and Anne Szewczyk in the CAS Dean’s office offered this opportunity to the Administrative Assistants and arranged all of the details for the workshop. 

The topics covered include enrolling users to a Bb course and changing their permissions, adding and removing content, sending mail, and checking grades in the grade book. The participants were given hands-on experience in performing these Bb functions and were very enthusiastic about the workshop. They conveyed to Al that the workshop gave them a better understanding of Blackboard and felt that they could be more effective when approached by faulty with Bb questions.

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