Take Control of your Class

If you can’t take control of your class, at least you can take control of their computers with the help of “computer classroom management software”.  The College of Arts and Sciences currently uses 3 varieties of classroom management software:
LANDesk Classroom Manager in Barbelin 221 and Barbelin 225
Apple Remote Desktop in Bellarmine 329 and Post Hall 202
NetSupport School in Science Center 212 and Science Center 214
All 3 varieties of the classroom management software allow you to demonstrate lessons directly on student computer screens, supervise/monitor computer use, and lock keyboards, mice, and screens to focus student attention on you.  The software keeps you in control so you can teach more effectively.

Not all of these computer classrooms are for general use, but if you are lucky enough to have access to these rooms or have been scheduled in one, please be sure to take advantage of this useful technology.

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