Tablet pad

The Dean’s Office is currently sponsoring a tablet pad pilot program within the College or Arts and Sciences. A tablet pad is an electronic pad that you use with a special pen that allows you to “draw” on your computer screen. It is useful when you would like to “draw” on your PowerPoint slides to make a point clearer or if the classroom you are in has limited whiteboard/chalkboard space because the projector screen is covering it up. The accompanying software allows you to save your “drawings” so that you can upload them to your Blackboard course at a later time. The hardware/software work with both PCs and Macs. Since Apple does not yet offer a tablet computer with touch-screen, this is the next best thing for Mac users.

There are currently 4 faculty members piloting the tablet pad. If you are interested in piloting the tablet pad within your department, please express your interest to Anne Szewczyk.

Note: A tablet pad is the low-cost alternative to a tablet PC. Tablet pads are different from tablet PCs (which the Biology department is already using) in that tablet pads are external devices that plug into available USB ports on your computer. Also, when using a tablet PC you draw directly on the LCD screen, but when using a tablet pad you draw on the tablet pad and see what you are drawing on the screen.

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