Last fall, the Drexel Library unveiled a new tool that could save you lots of time and energy: Refworks, a new citation management system that allows you to save citations while you research and creates instant bibliographies when you reach the final steps of writing projects. Working within the library databases and catalog, you can import large amounts of citations quickly, and organize, manage and search through them easily. Ultimately, it can offer a fully-searchable database with all the references you use, stretching across projects, papers, and classes. Refworks offers a long list of output styles you can choose from for your bibliography as well, including numerous styles particular to specific journals. Unlike Endnote or Reference Manager, Refworks is entirely web-based, making it easy to access from any location and any computer – no software is required to use your database, all you need is an internet connection. The Library would be happy to offer Refworks workshops tailored to specific departments’ needs. Get in touch with Sara Franks (, x1913) at the Drexel Library to learn more, or to schedule a department workshop.

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