Using Tablet PC in the Classroom

The Biology Department faculty have been using Tablet PCs   in their freshman core courses for over a year. Some also   have used  them in upper level biology elective courses. The   advantage of using Tablet PCs is to allow faculty to add   annotations to PowerPoint slides during class time. Using  the pen option permits written script to be added to figures   on slides, pointing out important structures or concepts to   students. Another of the Tablet PC options is a blank screen   (either black or white) to be projected, onto which the   instructor can write notes, draw illustrations, or work   problems without having to move from the screen to a   board, which is sometimes awkward and involves turning   lights onjtudor_tabletpc4 and off. There are several color options so that objects or script can be highlighted in different colors for emphasis. Any annotations added to PowerPoint slides can be saved as part of the presentation if so desired. Faculty in the Biology Department have found that using Tablet PCs is a significant pedagogical tool when used in lectures using PowerPoint.

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