HTML class and CMS tutoring for CAS Administrative Assistants

To pave the way for the maintenance of departmental web pages by our administrative assistants, an HTML class was conducted by Enrico Capitan for all Administrative Assistants in the College of Arts & Sciences on January 13, 2009. Anne Szewczyk will follow up with a private tutoring session of the Content Management System (CMS). The feedback from our Administrative Assistants for the HTML class is overwhelmingly positive. Anne looks forward to the CMS tutoring sessions with our Administrative Assistants.

The following topics were covered in the HTML class:

  • The meaning of HTML
  • The how to create an HTML document
  • The basic elements of an HTML document
  • How to add headings and paragraphs
  • How to add line breaks
  • How to add non-breaking spaces
  • How to add emphasis to your text
  • About file structure
  • How to add links to other pages
  • How to work with images using built-in tools
  • How to add images
  • How to use lists

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