Faculty Development Application Form

Adjunct Faculty Development Form

Submit the form with your chair’s signature to Donna’s Office, Rm 113 BL, for approval.

After receiving your approval via email, please use the Online Booking Tool for all travel arrangements paid for by the University.

Within ten days of travel completion, submit the Business Expense Reimbursement Form (Primary) to Donna Mandery in the Dean’s office. Please complete Parts I, II, and III of this form, including your signature and employee ID number, and attach original receipts/documentation for all expenses – both out of pocket and pre-paid. Please leave Part IV and V blank. Chairs no longer sign the Business Expense Reimbursement Form.

Business Expense Reimbursement Form

Qualifying Expenses

The College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Development Fund, administered by the Office of the Dean, is intended to support faculty achievement of the primary indicators of scholarly productivity as defined in the Faculty Handbook. With input from a task force of CAS faculty members, we have revised some practices related to faculty development funding, with the goals of both improving faculty understanding of the fund’s purposes and raising the quality of outcomes related to it. Please use the Faculty Development Application Form provided when requesting faculty development support from the Dean’s Office. Please note the following.

Funding for Conferences: The basic allocation for conference participation is $1,200. However, full-time faculty members participating in conferences that would require additional funding due to their locations (e.g., if they are held outside the U.S.) or those who have active roles in more than one conference in a fiscal year may request additional funds.

Funding to Support Publication: Full-time faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences may request funds to support the costs of publication, such as indexing a book or the acquisition of rights to reproduce images. A basic allocation of up to $1000 per fiscal year is available, but, as with conference funding, faculty members who require additional funds may request them.

Funding for Professional Membership Fees: Based on a recommendation from the faculty task force, funds have been allocated to allow full-time faculty members in the College to be reimbursed up to $200.00 per fiscal year for professional memberships. Faculty are advised, when planning how they will use this allocation, to keep in mind any memberships that may be required for conference participation during the year.