Have you prepared for your meeting with your faculty advisor?  Reviewed your DegreeWorks page? Checked your registration status to see if there are any problems that may prevent registration?  Verified that your PIN will work?  Below are steps to help you prepare for registration.

1. Consider your major choice and academic goals

If you are undecided about your major or considering a change, do some research on majors available at SJU. The Exploring Majors Guide offers advice and tips.   Your advisor and the Advising Support Center can support and guide you in this effort.   It is also a good idea to consider experiential education opportunities such as internships and study abroad.  Talk with your advisor about your interests in these areas – it is never too early to begin planning.

2. Prepare for and meet with your faculty advisor to discuss registration

  • Review curriculum requirements and typical course schedule for your major (or majors that interest you). Review your DegreeWorks page
  • Map out possible course options for next semester as well as future semesters. If needed, consult with the Advising Support Center – we can help with preliminary planning and general advising questions (e.g., typical course sequences, pre-requisites, etc).
  • If you are considering a study abroad semester, begin your planning by talking with a staff person in the Center for International Programs.
  • Check the Nest for the class schedule and availability. Create a tentative schedule for next semester. Always have backup plans in case your preferred course sections are closed.
  • Prepare for your advising meeting with your faculty advisor – make a list of questions.
  • Meet with your advisor to review your plan, discuss options, and obtain your PIN

3. Check your SJU Email

Regularly check your SJU email for information from our office, your advisor and the Registrar about registration.

4. Check your Registration Status through the Nest

Resolve any problems that will prevent your registration. View your holds on the Nest.

5. Verify that you have an accurate PIN

After obtaining your PIN, verify that it is the accurate PIN for the upcoming semester through the Nest:

  • log onto the Nest
  • click on the My Courses tab
  • In the “Registration and Advising” box, click on Add or Drop Classes
  • Select the term
  • enter your alternate PIN
    • if the PIN is correct, it will tell you that it is not yet time to register.
    • if it is an incorrect PIN, you will get an error message.
  • If your PIN is incorrect, please contact your faculty advisor as soon as possible.

6. Register for Classes