Careful academic planning is essential.  It is important to 1) know what is required of you as you progress toward your degree and 2) work with your advisor to make good choices. We encourage you to take an active role in planning your academic future.  Begin planning early in order to maximize your chance to get your ideal schedule and minimize the stress.

Registration Dates

Class of 2021 will register at Orientation.

Registration Instructions

You can access our presentation about registering through the Nest, or visit our page with instructions and tips for successful registration.

All registration takes place through the Nest. For instructions, see the Knowledgebase article on adding and dropping courses:

Registration Planning

Schedule Builder (PDF version)

Registration Planning

Be proactive to resolve any problems prior to your registration day.

Registration information for Class of 2021 students can be found on the Blackboard Learn Class of 2021 Registration & Advising page, via the Nest.