Getting Registered for Your First Semester

Incoming First-Year Students choose their Fall classes at SJU's Summer Orientation. Materials to help students prepare will be available in late Spring through the New Hawks Portal. At Orientation, students will meet with faculty from their major departments to help plan their courses. Undeclared majors will meet faculty from their undeclared division (Humanities, Mathematics & Natural Sciences, Social Sciences) for advising. Students will register in groups with the help of our Advising Staff and Faculty.

Students who are not able to attend Orientation will work directly with the Advising Support Center to be registered for their classes. Further instructions will be sent to students who indicate that they will not attend Orientation. Students who need to adjust their class schedule after registration can contact our office for help over the summer. Students are able to make changes to their classes until the end of the add/drop period, typically the first week of classes.

Choosing My Major

You will confirm your major as part of your preparation for Summer Orientation and Fall Registration. Some of you may know exactly what you want to study, but many students are understandably unsure about their major choice. There are many factors to consider: what subjects have you enjoyed (or not) in high school? What career(s) are you considering? Do your academic interests coincide with your skills? If you're considering post-graduate work in any field, does that program require a specific major or simply pre-requisite courses?

Our advisors are available to help you with this decision. We encourage you to explore majors and programs via SJU's website and catalog.

Students are encouraged to consider an undeclared major in Humanities, Math/Natural Sciences or Social Sciences. Undeclared students will take courses to explore their interests and will be assigned a Faculty Advisor who is experienced in advising undeclared students.