The College of Arts & Sciences offers two undergraduate degrees, the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science. The degree awarded is determined by the student’s major field. The ordinary degree requirements for either degree include the completion of the number of courses specified by the major (typically 40 courses) with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0, along with the satisfaction of the General Education curriculum and the approved requirements for the major field.

To be considered one of the courses for graduation, the course must have three credits or more assigned to it. A laboratory associated with a course is not considered as a separate course, even when it carries a separate course number and grade.

Advanced Placement course credit may be counted as one of the 40 courses (depending on the credit earned and the student’s major requirements).

Audit (non-credit) courses do not fulfill any requirement.

Major-specific Requirements

For a list of requirements for specific majors, please see your Degree Audit through DegreeWorks or the College of Arts & Sciences Majors & Minors page.  Below lists additional information on the distribution of courses required for graduation.

For Students who entered under the GEP Curriculum

Courses required for graduation include the following:

  • General Education Program (GEP includes a maximum of 19 courses)
  • Concentrations (including major and divisional requirements – maximum 16 courses)
  • Electives (minimum 6 courses)