Advising in the College of Arts & Sciences

Advising is a fundamental component of student learning in college and is at the core of the Saint Joseph’s University mission. In the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) and the School of Health Studies and Education (SHSE), faculty advisors serve as the student’s primary resource for advising.  The recently established Advising Support Center staff provides additional support. Faculty advisors and the Advising Support Center collaborate to help students make informed decisions about their education and to empower them to be responsible and independent learners. Although ultimately it is the student’s responsibility for making decisions and planning his/her education, faculty advisors and the Advising Support Center are available to guide students at every step of the process.

Your Faculty Advisor

Each student who has declared a major will be assigned a faculty advisor from the department or program in which s/he is majoring.  Each undeclared student will be assigned to a faculty advisor who may or may not share specific academic interests with the student, but who is prepared to help each student explore options and make decisions about a major.  First Year Students are required to meet with their faculty advisors two times each semester to review mid-term grades and to complete pre-registration advising.  Sophomores, juniors, and seniors are required to meet with their advisors once each semester for pre-registration advising for the following semester.

Do you know your advisor’s name, email, and office location?
To look up your faculty advisor’s name, log onto the Nest.  Click on:

  • Registration
  • Find Your Academic Advisor
  • Select current term to pull up information

You can find email and office location information through the SJU Directory.

The Dean’s Office

College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office (BL 113) 610-660-1280

There is an Associate Dean designated for each of the four Divisions in the University (Business, Humanities, Natural Sciences/Mathematics, and Social Sciences) and an Associate Dean for Education.

  • Associate Dean for Education – Dr. John Vacca
  • Associate Dean for Humanities – Dr. Shawn Krahmer
  • Associate Dean for Natural Sciences/Mathematics – Dr. Jean Smolen
  • Associate Dean for Social Sciences – Dr. Matthew Anderson
  • Associate Dean for Business – TBA

If you need a CAS Associate Dean’s signature and/or would like to schedule a meeting with one of them, please contact Donna Klaessig at or call her at 610-660-1280.  The CAS Dean’s Office is located in BL 113.