Fall 2013: Midterm Grades & Course Withdrawal

What are Midterm Grades?

Midterm grades are a progress report of your course grade to this point in the semester; they are not part of your permanent academic transcript. First Year Students will need to see their faculty advisors to view these grades; all other students can view them on MySJU and should also meet with their advisors to review grades.

What can I learn from my midterm grades?

Midterm grades are a great way to check on your performance. If you’re doing well and are happy with your grades, then you know you’ve been doing things right and are in good shape heading into the second half of the semester. If you’re not doing well, then there are a few things to consider:

  • Does your midterm grade come as a surprise? Did you think you were doing better than you are? If so, meet with your instructor during office hours (listed on your syllabus or with the department) and discuss your work. Bring all of your graded work with you to meet you instructor for a more fruitful discussion.
  • Have you been putting in the effort?  Take a good hard look at your semester so far: have you been attending class? Doing the assigned readings? Turning in your assignments on-time and studying for tests and exams? If you’re unsure of how to improve, meet with your instructor and use available SJU resources.

Did you know that tutoring and other services are available?

The Learning Resource Center, located on the ground floor of Bellarmine Hall, is there to help you with your courses. They have tutors for specific courses, SIs and they can also help arrange individual tutoring; check out their tutoring schedule and list of other resources here. Additionally, the LRC offers workshops on study skills and other topics to help you with your academic success.

Should I withdraw from the course?

Many students are worried that they will fail a course and withdraw from classes so that they will not get an F on their transcript. Students who have to maintain a particular GPA for financial aid or other activities are often especially concerned. If you think that you are failing, your first step is to talk with your instructor about your performance and determine what the situation is– is there a possibility that you’ll pass the course? Do you know what steps you need to take to improve your grade?

If there is a good chance that you can bring your grade up to a passing grade, then it is worth staying in the course. If it looks certain that you will fail, then withdrawing from the course might be your better option.

What if I decide to withdraw from a course?

If you withdraw from a course, a “W” will appear on your transcript, but it will not affect your GPA. You will not receive any refund for the course.

It’s important to remember that you need to have 40 courses to graduate from SJU. (Except for Biology, with 38 courses.) Unless you have come in with AP credit or have already taken extra courses, you will need to make up one course through summer school or intersession.

Additionally, if for some reason you’re only registered for four courses and are considering dropping down to three courses, there can be implications for financial aid and housing. Make sure you speak with your financial aid advisor and that you talk to the Residence Life office about your status.

The deadline for course withdrawal is Friday, October 25 at 5 pm. You will need to meet with your faculty advisor to get his/her approval & signature. Click here for an explanation of the procedure and the form.