Going off-line.

How many times have you found yourself checking Facebook or Twitter when you’re trying to study? Is it five times an hour? 10? More? Are you constantly being interrupted by texts when you’re in class or at the library?

As we enter the last week of the semester, many of you are finishing up research papers and final projects. Final exams are just around the corner. Do you feel prepared for all of these last requirements, or are you wondering how you’re going to get everything done in time?

In talking with students, one issue about studying has come up repeatedly: the distraction of the internet and texting. It’s difficult to focus on reading, writing or studying with constant interruptions. So, as you enter into this crunch time of the semester, consider the following:

Find a quiet, distraction-free zone for studying. If your roommates are in the room and not studying, go somewhere else. Or make a pact with them for quiet study times. Leave your dorm and try the new Post Learning Commons, where there are several quiet zones, marked here in orange.

If you’re using your laptop, turn off your wireless. It’s painful, but you can do it! Or leave the laptop somewhere else and study with your books, handouts, notebooks and a pen.

Turn your phone off! Mute it and put it away in your bag so you won’t automatically reach for it every five seconds.

You might be surprised by how much more productive your are once you eliminate some of the distractions. For some other online tools to help, read this blog.