New Year, New Semester

Doug Coulter 2 grade report card 1947

Before classes begin again, it’s a good time to take stock of your academic progress this year. How did your Fall semester turn out? Are you happy with your grades? Did you do as well as you had hoped? If so, congratulations and keep up the good work! If not, it’s time to think about what needs to change so that your Spring semester can be more successful.

Some things to consider:

**What courses did you do well in? What was it about these courses that you especially liked? Was it the content, the professor or the type of assignments? If so, look for other courses similar to those you liked.

**What courses did you struggle in? Was it the type of course, the work load or the effort you put into it? If these courses were in your major, do you feel like you’ll be able to do better in the future? If not, is your major the right one for you? Talk with your faculty advisor and come see us in the Advising Support Center (Barbelin 122) if you’re unsure about your declared major and your courses for Spring.

**Did you put as much work into the class as you could have? If so, and you still feel like you didn’t do as well as expected, talk with your professors early in the semester to see about how to succeed in their courses. Also, look into tutoring and SI sessions for the courses.

**Did you use your time effectively? Did you make quiet, distraction-free study time a priority in your schedule? Did you complete readings before class and get assignments done on-time? Did you give yourself time to write drafts of papers and take them to the Writing Center or to your professors for feedback? If the answer to any of these was “no”, you might want to think about making some changes in how your prioritize your academics.

Come see us in the CAS Advising Support Center and take advantage of the services provided by the Learning Resource Center and get ready for a great Spring semester!