Trish Shafer

Executive Director

Education: La Salle University: Master of Arts in Human Services Psychology and Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Trainings/Associations: Ignatian Leadership Program, Ignatian Leadership Seminar, NACE Career Coaching, NACE Management Leadership Institute, and Safe Zone

Your main role: I define priorities and strategy for the Career Development Center and seek strategic collaborations across campus and with external partners.

How you got here: When I felt called to my career, I was fortunate to have someone who took a leap of faith to hire me – I am forever grateful to that person for helping me get my start in a career I love.

Your best piece of career advice: “Never surprise your boss and always make your boss look good”.  This has served Trish well across her career and has led to promotions and trusting relationships with her managers.

Fun Fact: Despite my distaste of violence of any kind, I love watching boxing.

Outside of work: You'll find me in my garden, going to see live music of all kinds, and spending time with my husband and three kids.