The best way to determine if you are on the right professional path or to begin building skills that will ensure job search success is through gaining real world information and experience. There are many different ways to gain this experience.

Explore some options highlighted below.



You can engage in real-world experience in numerous ways during your time at SJU, giving you a competitive advantage when initiating a job search or seeking advanced education. 99% of your peers completed at least one experiential learning opportunity.  

Don’t be part of the 1%.



Participating in an internship allows you to apply what you are learning in the classroom, develop new skills, build your resume, network, and reality-test a career.  

Get your search started today.



Networking is an integral part of any professional pursuit, but the word often triggers anxiety. The Career Development Center will support you in identifying, contacting, and ultimately building and maintaining professional relationships with individuals and groups of interest.  

It’s never too early to build your network. Start today.