So You Want to Work Abroad?

In preparation for SJU’s International Career Conference, we’ll be sharing a few useful resources for students looking to map out her or his international journey.  While the reality of studying or working abroad may seem like a distant dream to some, life-changing travel opportunities are widely available to everyone. However, a significant amount of engagement must take place in order to find the perfect location, program, or position. Here’s how to best narrow down your search when looking to take your academic and career goals across borders.


Oh, The Places You Can Go…

First, jot down a list of a few ideal locations and positions. Reflect on why these are the ideal – perhaps you want to teach in Italy? Why? Perhaps you want to do international consulting for Latin American companies – why? Transform your daydreams into a reality by imaging what cultural aspects you’d like to immerse yourself in, as well as its connection to your prospective career. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and forge your own path to a few locations outside of the popularized norm.

Utilize YouTube, social media and popular travel blogs, like Star Travel, to get some realistic insights about the abundance of location possibilities available to you. Remember that this process is all about finding the right fit for YOU to grow where you are planted, so focus on what you ultimately want to gain from the experience and plan accordingly.


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

After weighing the pros and cons of each place, decide where you would want to go and do a comprehensive amount of research on that specific country/city. The Council on International Educational Exchange has a great website for learning how to prepare to work in a certain country.

Also if you are interested in learning about opportunities by region, the Career Development Center has a plethora of programs listed online. Expand your connections and reach out to those in the places you’d like to go. Connect with fellow Hawks who have either worked or are currently living abroad through using LinkedIn and SJU Connects.


Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance…

Before applying for any programs and positions, be sure to update all professional materials prior to submitting. Make great use of your fondest resource, the Career Development Center, as you embark on this journey Use your resume to highlight international and culturally diverse experiences. Schedule a mock interview with any of the career counselors as a preparatory step towards landing an interview with an international employer. Always remember to practice feeling confident in articulating abilities and skills related to an international job in an interview. Practice makes perfect!


One more thing…

Mark your calendars for the 2nd Annual International Career Conference on Saturday, November 12th from 9AM to 3PM! You’ll learn more about all of the above tips and topics and more at this interactive and informative event. More information on registration and event details can be found at the Center for International program’s website.