Noelle Stueck

Graduate Student Intern

Education: B.S. in Early Childhood Education, Minors in Psychology and Autism Studies from Saint Joseph's University in 2017. M.S.Ed. in School Counseling from Monmouth University, (Anticipated Graduation 2021)

How you got here: On my path to becoming a counselor, I discovered while working with several students that I had a passion for Career Development. There is something very rewarding about being able to assist students in discovering their future career path. I am excited to learn more about this process as a graduate student intern in the Career Development Center, and be back at my home away from home, SJU!

Your best piece of career advice: Always continue to ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. Stay positive, work hard, and make it happen!

Fun Fact: I love learning about criminal psychology and any finding new shows, documentaries, movies, or podcasts that dive into it.

Outside of work: As much as I love the excitement of the city, I am a mountain girl at heart. Any opportunity to be outdoors and go hiking, skiing, biking, having a bonfire, etc. you will find me there!