How To Find Alumni On LinkedIn

Want to learn more about what you can do your major? Wondering about your career options? Or want to connect with SJU alumni about career paths? LinkedIn is a great tool that allows you to do all of these things and more. Here’s how:

Step 1) Log into LinkedIn on your computer and under My Network at the top of your home screen, click on Find Alumni.


Step 2) You should now be redirected to SJU’s page. If not, change your university by clicking on the blue button on the right. You have a lot of options here to narrow your search for relevant Hawks.

  • First, you can type in a keyword to find Alumni – anything from a job title, industry, major, etc.
  • Second, you can find Alumni based on where they live – if you would like to move to NYC and work there one day, it would be a good strategy to build SJU connections in NYC.
  • Third, you can find Alumni based on where they currently are working (meaning the name of the company) – if you know you really want to work at Johnson & Johnson, then start connecting with Hawks who already work there.
  • Fourth, you can find Alumni based on what they do at their current job (meaning what industry they work in) – for example, say your major is Marketing but you want to specifically work in Sales, you can focus on sales within a variety of organizations. Once you start choosing options, you’ll notice that the number of Alumni will change on the left (2,248 results, for example).


Step 3) To see the results of your choices, scroll down and you should see people’s photos and brief profile descriptions. As you continue to scroll down, you can see all of the Alumni who meet your criteria. Some things to note about the mini-profiles–

  • First, notice if you have any common connections. This is indicated by the two overlapping circles in the right corner of the Hawk’s profile (notice how I have one common connection with Nicholas J. Salvatore).
  • Second, notice the number in the bottom right corner of their mini-profile – that is the year they graduated from SJU (’04 is 2004, for example). A good strategy is to look at the connections you have an in common and see if you reach out to someone you already know well to have them introduce you to one of these people in your search results.


Step 4) To learn more about a Hawk who looks interesting to you, click on their name and more information will appear.  You will then see their specific major/degree they earned from SJU, other educational information, their work history, etc. You can learn a lot from these profiles and this isn’t even the full profile view! **If you click “View Profile” you will then be redirected to their full profile page and that person will get a notification that you have viewed their profile so be mindful of that – it  encourages connections!** Let’s say that you think Nicholas J. Salvatore  has some experiences that you would like to learn more about and perhaps you are pursuing the same degree that he already has. Once you identify the pieces of his profile that are interesting to you, click “Connect” so you can connect with him and request to learn more.


Step 5) Now you will be given two options: first, you have to indicate how you know Nicholas – in this case, you should say “Classmate” since you are either a student or alumnus/a of SJU and so is Nicholas. Second, you can type him a message about why you would like to connect with him.

**Don’t think of this as optional – always type a message!** It makes a big difference when someone knows why you would like to connect with them and they are more likely to accept your request if they know it could be a beneficial relationship. Focus on similarities you found between you and the alumnus/a, or something about their profile you would like to learn more about. Suggest a time/day to chat for an informational interview. Hawks love to help other Hawks so make sure to be polite and gracious but don’t be afraid to ask for advice! (see the sample message).