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While the world around us has changed, the mission of the Career Development Center remains rooted in student and alumni support.  We appreciate and enjoy collaborating with faculty and staff in support of our students’ career education, and invite you to learn more about CDC resources to use inside and outside the classroom.

Refer a Student

The Career Development Center serves all Saint Joseph’s University students, as well as alumni. The Career Development Center is located in the tan brick building behind the Wolfington Maguire Welcome Center (Admissions at 5800 City Avenue), across Cardinal Avenue from the Sourin/Campion parking lot.

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  • Students are invited to login to Handshake to schedule an appointment to meet with a career counselor.
  • Drop-in hours are held in the Career Development Center from September through May. Students can obtain resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile critiques, as well as assistance with quick questions.
  • Students and alumni are also welcome to engage assistance via email: careerhelp@sju.edu

of students surveyed after career counseling appointments would recommend the service to their friends.

Source: 2019-2020 Post Counseling Appointment Survey 

Career Development in the Classroom

Due to staffing constraints during the Fall 2020 semester, the Career Development Center staff is unable to deliver in-class presentations.  So that your students’ career development can remain on track, we’ve developed assignments that you can incorporate into your classes and presentations you can facilitate with discussion guides.  Please see details below and contact Trish Shafer at pshafer@sju.edu with any questions and NOTE: all assignments are written for you to easily copy and paste into Canvas.


Presentations with Discussion Guides and/or Knowledge Checks:


jobs and internships posted on Handshake
(AY 2019-2020)

Handshake is more than just our job (and internship) posting site.  It’s a one-stop shop for students to find details for career events, interact with other students and alumni on the platform for company reviews, get “noticed” by employers, and schedule appointments with a career counselor (and much more!).

All students are issued a Handshake account and can use their SJU login credentials to access their account at https://sju.joinhandshake.com/.

Refer an Employer

When you learn about job opportunities and forward them to recruit@sju.edu, the Career Development Center’s Employer Engagement team will orient the employer to the Handshake posting process.  This gives all qualified students access to the posting and we’ll do all the leg work.   

Curious about the types of opportunities posted on Handshake? Email recruit@sju.edu  to request a Handshake account providing your:  First & Last name, email address, department you work in, and what year you want to be identified as in Handshake (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, grad student).

Career Conversations

Internship Support

internships posted on Handshake
(AY 2019-2020)

Whether students are discerning what types of internships will advance their career goals or need help with the internship search process, the Career Development Center supports students via 1:1 counseling appointments, videos and resources on Canvas, and postings on Handshake. If your department is exploring the development of an internship program, we can walk you through best practices and how the Career Development Center can support your students. To schedule a meeting, contact Trish Shafer at pshafer@sju.edu.

Title IX Requirements:  Employers who post positions on Handshake are required to abide by Title IX policies surrounding any allegations or complaints of harassment.  Click here to see the Title IX statement.

NACE Resources:  The National Association of Colleges & Employers offers resources for universities and faculty who support internship programs.  Check out these articles below:

Career Development Center's Student Learning Outcomes

The Career Development Center’s Student Learning Outcomes, illustrated in the graphic below, focus on competency in seven key areas – Self Knowledge, Professional Presence, Experiential Education, Workplace Skills, Industry Knowledge, Networking, and Interviewing – with foundational and advanced levels. careerTracker is a co-curricular program designed to layer career and professional development into and across students’ four years at SJU.

careerTracker Wheel (1)

careerTracker Monthly Emails

Using the Student Learning Outcomes (above) as a roadmap, the Career Development Center communicates monthly, developmentally-appropriate action steps via careerTracker emails.  These monthly touch points help students advance their competency in these seven areas.  To help reinforce with your students the messages contained within each month’s careerTracker, click here to access archives of the careerTracker emails sent during this academic year.

SJU Graduates’ Outcomes Data


Each year, the Career Development Center surveys all graduates to determine their post-graduate activities. We achieve a minimum 70% knowledge rate, analyze the data we collect, and share the results in our Career Destinations report and on our interactive Outcomes page, which includes detailed information on graduates’ employers, industries, average salaries, continuing education and much more. The Career Development Center staff can provide you with the following support related to outcomes for your department:

  • Major Overview Sheets:  created for every undergraduate major for which there was enough data collected, this resource provides an overview of outcomes for your department and can be used for admissions events.  Overview sheets are currently available for the Classes of 2018 and 2019.  For access to your Overviews, please email Scott Rappaport at srappapo@sju.edu
  • Data Request Process:  if you are completing reports or applications requiring more detailed data than your Major Overview Sheet provides, please send a request to Scott Rappaport (srappapo@sju.edu) containing the following information:
    • Data points needed
    • Year(s) requested (data is available for the Class of 2016 to present)
    • Due date (a minimum of two weeks’ notice is requested)
    • Your contact info for potential follow up

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