The Career Development Center can assist your organization in creating and maintaining a tailored, successful recruiting experience on campus.  

For more information on how you can maximize your recruiting potential at SJU, contact us at recruit@sju.edu.

Hire a Hawk

Many of the services detailed below are available through Handshake, our online hub for campus recruiting. New to Handshake? Create an account.

Internships, Co-Ops, Full-time and Volunteer Positions are posted on Handshake. Thousands of students and alumni are users on Handshake, making it a great one-stop resource for recruiting and job-searching.

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Job Seekers

Engage on Campus

Getting Started

Are you interested in learning more about how to recruit on campus? Schedule a planning call to discuss ways to engage on campus.

Host an Event

Boost your brand on campus by hosting, participating in, or sponsoring an event.  There are a variety of options to engage with students both formally and informally throughout the school year.

Attend an Event

Attend a Career Fair or an Industry Meet-Up to connect with students in person.  Can’t get to campus? Engage with students in a Virtual Career Fair.

Connect with Student Organizations

Engage directly with a targeted group of students on campus in a meaningful way by attending their events or working with the student organization to design an impactful program or workshop.  For more information or to connect with a specific student group, please contact Pam Kokkalis at pkokkali@sju.edu.

Support initiatives and events that promote professional development.  Be recognized by students as an employer of choice and interact with students in unique ways.  Contact Pam Kokkalis at pkokkali@sju.edu for more information and to learn more about a specific event.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Help with Handshake

Most of your Handshake questions can be answered here.

Help with Scheduling Visits to Campus

Help with In-Home Positions

Help with Co-Op

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