4 Reasons You NEED a Non-Profit Job

What better way for a Saint Joe’s student to use their Jesuit education than to put their talents to work for a non-profit? Unfortunately, all most students think of when they hear the words “non-profit” is being worked hard with little pay. So we’re here to set the record straight and tell you a) none of that is true and b) there are some serious benefits to working for a non-profit!

You’ll make a difference all day every day.

It might seem obvious, but working for a non-profit gives you the ability to make a difference in people’s lives all the time. Most non-profits benefit amazing causes, like Women Against Abuse who helps women who are currently suffering with domestic violence. Knowing everything you do goes towards helping others can really increase your job satisfaction!

You’ll have growth opportunities unlike any of your friends working for big corporations.

You won’t be stuck organizing file cabinets and making coffee here. At a non-profit it’s all hands on deck, which means that you’ll be working several important projects while you’re still considered a new-hire. Not only does this allow you to do what you wanted to do pretty quickly, but it also means that if you do well, you’ll be noticed. This can lead to faster career development than peers at larger, for-profit companies who most likely won’t be given large projects during their first couple of months.

In addition, while most corporations are fairly hierarchical, non-profits are generally flat. This means that you’ll have more opportunities to schmooze the boss, speak with upper level employees, and make connections that will help you out come promotion time.

Don’t like what you’re doing? Non-profits are 100% open to you trying something new.

Generally, non-profits don’t have enough people to have a bunch of specialists in the house. So while you might be hired as a marketer or an accountant, odds are you’ll be asked to do something that isn’t strictly in your job description. That means that working for a non-profit gives you experiences in a variety of fields, experience that you can leverage when its time for a career shift. It also means that your days will be anything but ordinary!

Sold on a non-profit career? Make sure to come to the Non-Profit and Government Career Fair TOMORROW from 11 AM to 2 PM in the Athletic Center!