You are welcome to join the Saint Joseph’s University Interfaith Student Association. SJU encourages all students to further their own spiritual growth and religious faith during their time at SJU. Because it is a university in the Catholic and Jesuit traditions, SJU celebrates religious diversity, encouraging individuals and groups to practice their own faith as they so choose. Students are encouraged to participate in interfaith events in order to grow in understanding of others’ faith traditions, and to grow in appreciation of their own faith tradition. Meetings and events are held throughout the academic year. For more information, contact

The SJU community is welcome to use the interfaith prayer room for prayer, reflection, and meditation (located on the 2nd floor of Campion Student Center, room 234). Prayer mats are available for use. Please remove your shoes before entering the room. If additional interfaith prayer space is needed, please contact Beth in Campus Ministry ( about reserving space in Wolfington Hall for particular day and times. Questions? Email