Ignite Candles 2016

Ignite invites freshmen to reflect upon their transition into college life.  Led by a team of fellow students, participants take part in activities and conversations that help them to discover how God calls each of us to a fuller and deeper way to live. This off-campus weekend includes student talks, small groups, prayer, reflection, meals and fun!

February 16-18, 2018

Contact: Tinamarie Stolz, tstolz@sju.edu

The cost is $60. Email: Tinamarie for information on financial scholarship assistance.



Comments from Participants...

I was able to meet and relate to new people in a positive setting, that is love, trust and God.

Ignite was my best decision of the year!

Ignite was exactly what I needed and have been searching for on campus. Hopefully I can experience it again as a leader.

Ignite is the journey that all college freshman should go on.

A time for yourself to get away and be with God and others in a nonjudgmental atmosphere.

I met people at St. Joe’s who I should know.

Peaceful, fun and fulfilling. A needed break.

I truly just loved the balance of the fun activities while also being serious and discussing life. I loved the feel of the environment and the sense of community. There was a true feeling of solidarity and release.

I love going to Mass with people my age! It’s so moving to see the “future of our Church”, together as one congregation.

Ignite Team Leadership Details:

Interested in being on the Ignite teams for Spring 2018? Click HERE to apply for Team

Team meetings will begin in November 2017.

Contact Jaclyn Newns at jnewns@sju.edu to express your interest and learn about the application process.