Fundraising... let's make it happen!

Do not let financial worries stop you from doing this program! Please contact Tinamarie Stolz ( to talk about: 

  1. Saving plans
  2. Payment plans

WIP has 2 Separate Financial Commitments

1. Program Fee

  • Non-refundable
  • Due September 20th, 2021 (if this is not feasible for you, please contact, we are happy to work with you!) 
  • Online Payment
  • $200

2. Travel Fee

  • approximately equal to the cost of plane ticket
  • lodging
  • on site meals
  • on site programming
  • DUE November 29, 2021
  • tools and suggestions are provided for those who wish to fundraise
  • Due December 6th, 2021
  • $600

What does this include?

  • Program on site
  • Plane ticket
  • Retreat
  • Transportation to the airport, on site, and back from the airport
  • All meals on site

Not included - passport, vaccines, food at airport

WIP Money 1
WIP Money 2

Fundraising Ideas:

Please note that fundraising is optional but highly encouraged.  Fundraising is not coordinated through the WIP program or the university; rather, it is up to each individual to raise the money needed for their trip.  However, we will assist with ideas, encouragement, and some instructions to help you out!  Here are a few possibilities to get started...

  • Utilizing Christmas, holiday, or birthday gifts
  • Instagram or Facebook challenges
  • March Madness bracket pool
    • Setting up a March Madness pool on ESPN or CBS Sports can be a great way to raise financial support for your immersion. If you ask for a $10 donation to join your bracket pool, and you have 30 friends join, you will raise $300. You can offer a gift card to the winner to encourage your friends to join.
  • A "Pick a Number" is a large board with the numbers 1 through 40 on it. This board could be set up at school, church, or work. Friends and family are asked to pick a number that represents the amount that they are willing to give. Once they pick an amount, that number is taken off the board (or X'ed out).  And check this out - If all 40 numbers are taken, you'll raise $820 -- enough to cover the second payment for an international trip!  Or, if you don't think people will give the larger amounts, you could put the numbers 1 through 22 on the board twice (44 numbers total) -- if all of them are taken, you would raise $506 -- enough for the final payment of a domestic trip!

What if the immersion is cancled due to a health or safety issue?

If, due to circumstances relating to health and safety (e.g. COVID-19 concerns), travel is canceled after tickets have been purchased in your name, you will be refunded (1) a voucher for future air travel equivalent to the cost of your ticket, and (2) the remaining difference of your $600 travel fee. (For example, if your ticket costs $350, you will receive a voucher for that amount, plus the remaining $250.)

Your $200 program fee is non-refundable and will be used to provide a great on-campus immersion experience.