Fundraising... let's make it happen!

This program is about justice, and that means we make it possible for everyone!

Do not let financial concerns stop you from doing this program! We will work with you and make a plan! Please contact Tinamarie Stolz ( to talk about: 

  1. Scholarships
  2. Saving plans
  3. Payment plans

During the application process, you can request a domestic immersion for financial reasons. Upon entrance into the program, you are guaranteed a spot at a domestic site! 

WIP has 2 Separate Financial Commitments

1. Program Fee

  • Non-refundable
  • Due September 20th, 2021 (if this is not feasible for you, please contact, we are happy to work with you!) 
  • Online Payment
  • $200

2. Travel Fee

  • approximately equal to the cost of plane ticket
  • lodging
  • on site meals
  • on site programming
  • DUE November 29, 2021
  • tools and suggestions are provided for those who wish to fundraise
  • Due December 6th, 2021
  • Domestic $600
  • International $750

What does this include?

  • Program on site
  • Plane ticket
  • Retreat
  • Transportation to the airport, on site, and back from the airport
  • All meals on site

Not included - passport, vaccines, food at airport

WIP Money 1
WIP Money 2

Fundraising Ideas:

Please note that fundraising is optional but highly encouraged.  Fundraising is not coordinated through the WIP program or the university; rather, it is up to each individual to raise the money needed for their trip.  However, we will assist with ideas, encouragement, and some instructions to help you out!  Here are a few possibilities to get started...

  • Utilizing Christmas, holiday, or birthday gifts
  • Instagram or Facebook challenges
  • March Madness bracket pool
    • Setting up a March Madness pool on ESPN or CBS Sports can be a great way to raise financial support for your immersion. If you ask for a $10 donation to join your bracket pool, and you have 30 friends join, you will raise $300. You can offer a gift card to the winner to encourage your friends to join.
  • A "Pick a Number" is a large board with the numbers 1 through 40 on it. This board could be set up at school, church, or work. Friends and family are asked to pick a number that represents the amount that they are willing to give. Once they pick an amount, that number is taken off the board (or X'ed out).  And check this out - If all 40 numbers are taken, you'll raise $820 -- enough to cover the second payment for an international trip!  Or, if you don't think people will give the larger amounts, you could put the numbers 1 through 22 on the board twice (44 numbers total) -- if all of them are taken, you would raise $506 -- enough for the final payment of a domestic trip!

What if the immersion is cancled due to a health or safety issue?

If, due to circumstances relating to health and safety (e.g. COVID-19 concerns), travel is canceled after tickets have been purchased in your name, you will be refunded (1) a voucher for future air travel equivalent to the cost of your ticket, and (2) the remaining difference of your $600 travel fee. (For example, if your ticket costs $350, you will receive a voucher for that amount, plus the remaining $250.)

Your $200 program fee is non-refundable and will be used to provide a great on-campus immersion experience.