The Winter Immersion Program invites students to live out a 'faith that does justice' by discovering God's presence in the lives of all those they encounter; and to integrate  justice-centered values into their lives upon return.

Saint Joseph's University and the Winter Immersion Program are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely. As of 5/19/2022 we are planning on travel. However, because of these uncertain times we also have a backup plan that will still provide students with an impactful experience of encounter! 

More details on our COVID-19 info page.


Participants will meet weekly with their small groups - familias - for both semesters, learn about the communities they will encounter, immerse on site during Winter Break, reflect on their experiences, and the further work of justice to which they are called.


WIP's primary focus is to help students live in solidarity with the materially poor and marginalized, especially upon return to campus. WIP is rooted in Ignatian values, human dignity, Catholic Social Teaching, liberation theology, and the building of relationships as we share our humanity. Our hope is to transform minds, hearts, and hands to live out a faith that does justice.


Our Pillars

  1. Faith

    • WIP invites students to dive into their own faith and reflect on how to live out a faith that does justice. WIP also encourages students to be open to seeing God in all things, including different cultures, relationships, and in communities pushed to the margins. WIP is rooted in Catholic Social Teaching and Ignatian values. Students of ALL faith traditions, as well as those who do not identify with a particular faith tradition, are welcome and encouraged to deepen and explore their spiritual life through this experience. Come as you are!
  2. Encounter

    • WIP offers students soul-to-soul encounters and opportunities to have a meaningful interactions with a brother or sister pushed to the  margins of society. Come see how injustice actually effects people, and then let's do something about it!
  3. Justice

    • WIP offers students a difficult and often uncomfortable look at injustices in our nation and world. Students are challenged to open their eyes to, and critically think about, the injustices that exist around the world, examine root causes of injustice, and take actions toward a just lifestyle upon return.
  4. Education

    • WIP seeks to educate students and place them in a variety of environments where they can learn about their faith, justice, Ignatian values, and different cultures. WIP provides specific educational opportunities that are unique to the location where the immersion takes place.
  5. Community

    •  WIP provides a space for students to build authentic community. We believe that faith, justice, and a full life can only be lived in the context of belonging to one another. “We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community.” - Dorothy Day

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