Alleghany Highlands

 6.5 hours away from SJU

About the area: May be found easier on a map as Clifton Forge or Covington. AH is one of the best sites at embracing community.  Those you work with are a network of volunteers that truly are family.  By the end of the trip, you'll without a doubt feel a part of that making the task of leaving without tears near impossible.

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Apple Ridge Farm

 6 hours away from SJU

About the area: 

Apple Ridge Farm transforms the lives of our community’s underserved children and families through engagement in unparalleled educational, cultural and outdoor experiences.

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 9 hours away from SJU

About the area: The Town of Jonesville is a small town with a BIG heart.  Located in Southwest Virginia, we are surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the Appalachian Chain.  The town of Jonesville was established in in 1794 and founded on October 13, 1795 as the County Seat of Lee County and named after Fredrick Jones.  Jonesville is the second oldest town west of Roanoke with a population of approximately 995. Saint Joseph's University will go through the Appalachia Service Project program in its first year in Jonesville, VA.


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