About the area: This site is through the Morgan-Scott Project, a 41-year-old organization which “develops activities, provides training, offers assistance, and give supports to help break the cycle of poverty and enable people to help themselves”.

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Putnam County

12 hours away from SJU

About the area: Putnam County has a population of 73,300. This site works through the Putnam County Habitat for Humanity…“We strive to rid Putnam County from the world of substandard housing and homelessness”. PCHFH has been open since 1995 and has completed more than 50 homes.

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About the area: Robbins has the highest unemployment rate in the state of Tennessee and has a The Habitat you work with the second oldest in the country. Most work is done in Scott and Morgan counties, making a 10-60 minute commute to worksites. “Appalachia Habitat for Humanity is a Christian partnership whose goal is to restore pride and stability into the community by building and financing quality affordable housing for low-income persons in Scott and Morgan Counties in Tennessee.”

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