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We welcome you to join us on Sundays and throughout the week to participate in worship experiences in the Chapel of Saint Joseph – Michael J. Smith, SJ, Memorial.

Sunday masses are at 11am year round, and at 7pm and 9pm when classes are in session.




An essential part of Jesuit education is a spirituality which integrates one's faith with all aspects of daily living.

In order to grow in our lives we need to take time to step away from the busyness that happens all around us. Retreats at SJU are the perfect way to get away from campus for a weekend to reflect on our lives! Through retreats, activities engaged in, meals shared, thoughts and feelings treasured, participants are invited to embrace the Ignatian principles of "finding God in all things" and of being "men and women with and for others."

Service and Justice

What does "men and women with and for others" mean?

We invite all of our students to explore what it means to live a "faith that does justice." In Campus Ministry, we have various opportunities for students to live out the mission of SJU through service and social justice. From Weekly Service to APEX to Immersions Trips to Graduate Service, you'll find an service or a social opportunity for you!

Immersion Programs

Here you can find information about the Winter Immersion Programs and the Appalachian Experience during spring break.

Christian Life Communities

Christian Life Communities (CLCs) are intentional student groups built on the pillars of faith, community and mission. Participants desire to deepen their awareness of self, others and God. Groups meet weekly for conversation, reflection and prayer, taking pause together in sacred space.



As Campus Ministry operating within a Jesuit and Catholic University, we desire to foster the spiritual development of Saint Joseph’s University students. We hope to invite all, through their interaction with our ministry, to know God more intimately, to grow more fully into the beloved individuals that God has created them to become, to find their greater identity within the story of God’s love revealed in the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, to take their place as active members of the Body of Christ, and to use their time and energy to share God’s love in the world through service, solidarity and action for social justice toward building the Reign of God.


Get in touch!

Our offices are located Wolfington Hall, next to the chapel.
Feel free to call us at 610-660-1030.