Faculty Publications – May Issue

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Dr. Usha Rao and her undergraduate students co-presented a research poster entitled, “Industrial and agricultural pollutants in the Susquehanna watershed of Pennsylvania” at the 245th national meeting of the American Chemical Society in New Orleans, LA, in April 2013. The authors were Michelle Piotrowski (Chemistry, ’13), Megan Forman (Chemical Biology, ’14), Catherine Blithe (Biology, ’11, M.S. Education, ’12), Amy Dougher (Chemical Biology, ’15), Christopher Millet (Chemical Biology, ’13), Mike Montemarano (Chemical Biology, ’13), J. Scott Niezgoda (Chemistry, ’10) and Usha Rao.

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Suzanne Sorkin’s composition, Toward the Other Shore for solo violin, was a prize winner in the KH Tan Composition Competition for Solo Violin Works.  This spring violinist Kia-Hui Tan performed Sorkin’s Toward the Other Shore at Ohio State University, University of Iowa Center for New Music, Denison University New Music Festival, and The College of Wooster.

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