Faculty Publications, Presentations and Performances

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McNally, D. Exhibited three canvases at the CRIB, a residence for inner city students in Camden, run in conjunction with Hopeworks Camden: Crimson Highway I,  Crimson Highway II, and Old Adam Meets the New, November 2012. In December of 2012, those canvases were replaced with three others:  Father Forgive, They Don’t Know; Disarmed Virgin and Plaza de Mayo. Also in December, a painting was exhibited at a silent auction to support the St. Catherine Laboure Clinic for the Uninsured in Germantown, Two Directions Home.

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Samway, P. will give the annual Flannery O’Conner Memorial Lecture at Georgia College, Milledgeville, GA, on Tuesday, February 19, 2013. His topic: “‘I am back where I began’: Flannery O’Connor to her editor, Robert Giroux.” This lecture will be based on research that Father Samway did for his recently completed book-manuscript on O’Connor and Giroux.

Samway, P. will give the annal Boyle Lecture at Spring Hill College, Mobile, AL, on March 16th, 2013. His topic: “Flannery O’Connor’s Fictive World of Mystery and Manners.” He will visit classes to talk about the Sudanese refugees in Chad, the subject of his book, Educating Darfur Refugees: A Jesuit’s Efforts in Chad, and about the Jesuit grammar schools in Haiti. Father Samway is a member of SJU Project Haiti, whose aim is to help these particular schools.

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