Faculty and Students Discuss Issues in the Presidential Election

The College of Arts & Sciences sponsored three events this fall that focused on critical issues of the 2012 Presidential Campaign. The Dean’s Colloquium Series began on October 3 with presentations by Lt. Col. James E. Turnbull, AFROTC, and Dr. Susan Clampet-Lundquist, Sociology, who addressed defense and Immigration issues, respectively.  On November 1, Dr. Benjamin Liebman, Economics, discussed the economy and Dr. Jack Newhouse, Health Services, compared the candidates on health care.

Foreign Policy was the subject of an October 22 faculty panel.  Dr. Jay Carter, History and International Relations, discussed U.S.-China relations while Dr. Linda Stevenson, Political Science and Latin American Studies (West Chester University) put the spotlight on Latin America.

All of the presentations were designed to emphasize the importance of each issue in the election and to identify differences between President Obama and Governor Romney in each of the areas under consideration.