Classics Students Publish a New Commentary on Catullus

Dr. Maria S. Marsilio, Professor of Classics, mentored eight Saint Joseph’s University students as they prepared and published a new Latin text commentary of Catullus, Carmina 3 in the Companion to the Worlds of Roman Women (edited by Ann R. Raia and Judith L. Sebesta):  Alyssa Beck, Katherine Dodel, Stephen Gilbert, Andre Mai, Jordan Malpass, Jon McCrosson, Brian Szmak, and Michael Sokolowski are all Classics majors and minors; two are in the Honors Program.

The online Companion to the Worlds of Roman Women introduces undergraduate Latin readers to Roman women, through un-adapted Latin texts, essays, and illustrations from the early Roman Republic to the late Empire. Each Latin passage is introduced by its own image and essay which contextualize the reading. Latin expressions are hyperlinked to glosses that appear in small pop-up windows; they contain lexical, rhetorical, poetic and syntactic aids.  SPQR links provide vivid images of ancient artifacts.

Roman Women

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Each student individually prepared Latin glosses and commentary for assigned lines of Catullus 3, which they submitted to Dr. Marsilio with their ideas for the introductory essay.  Dr. Marsilio made critical comments and suggestions that she discussed and debated with her students in class.  The students then revised their work which they shared and critiqued in collaboration.  The editorial review process entailed the submission of the Latin text commentary and introductory essay, critical review by the Companion editors and other experts in Latin literature, revisions, and final editing.  The students were delighted to see their work published in July 2012.