Melinda Miley

Class Year: 2017

Hometown: East Greenville, PA

Area of Study: Marketing major, Psychology minor

Interests: traveling, hiking, kayaking, reading, tennis, and music.


Hello there! My name is Melinda, and I am a new sophomore transfer student here at SJU. I absolutely love traveling and exploring different parts of the world. I recently took time away from school to volunteer abroad in Ghana, West Africa, which was pretty awesome. I’ve also done some traveling through Europe including spending time in Italy, Denmark, Belgium, and Holland. In my perspective, we live in such a beautiful world, so why not try to see as much of it as we can?

Some other hobbies and interests of mine include hiking, kayaking, tennis, reading, spending time with my dog, and blogging. I’m also a big fan of alternative music and love going to concerts, both big and small. I enjoy staying up to date on current events, especially when it comes to social issues throughout both the United States and at an international level. Social equality and feminism are very important to me. Here at SJU, I’m involved in Women’s Leadership Initiative, weekly service, and the American Marketing Association.


Summertime Sadness

Finals. Projects. Presentations. Essays. Desperately trying to raise grades. Graduation. Living with your parents again.
All of those things are what Lana del Rey was referencing when she sang about Summertime Sadness, right?


The end of a semester is bittersweet in college. The conclusion of fall semester is bitterly cold but also enriched with the sweetness of Christmas and a month break from school. As spring semester comes to a close, students are teased by warm weather one day and hail the next. But the idea that a summer of warm nights, beach trips,


Why is Modern Slavery so Dangerous? Because it’s Invisible

When I say Angelina Jolie what you do think? You probably imagine a strong, beautiful, excellent actress, right? What about Ashton Kutcher? You think of a hilarious, successful and good-looking actor, do you not? But did you know that these and other celebrities like Ricky Martin, Demi Moore, and Alicia Keys are also involved in organizations that provide support to people suffering from slavery at this very moment?

Probably not.


Because it’s really not publicized.

 This past Thursday, March 26, was the first day in months that the temperature reached above fifty degrees and it felt like spring outside.


Community Service: Helping the Community or Helping You?

There’s art therapy, music therapy, pet therapy…what about community service therapy?


One of the biggest characteristics about Saint Joe’s that set it apart from my previous university are all of its amazing community service opportunities. At my old school, any sort of service program was done primarily through Greek life, and if you were very non-Greeky like myself, then you would not be able to participate.


Being Jesuit, SJU promotes the help of others. This is done through multiple programs such as APEX, Collegiate Challenge, Weekly Service, and a variety of service learning courses.


The Struggles of a Transfer Student

Let me make one thing clear:

There is NEVER a convenient time to say goodbye to your friends, pack up your belongings, and start all over at a new school. No matter what time of the year you decide to transfer, you are going to feel like an outsider when you arrive at your new destination. Having recently gone through the transfer process, I can personally attest to feeling lonely, scared, nervous, and mad at myself for leaving my comfortable life at my previous university to begin again at a new school where everything seemed so foreign.

Recognizing that the college I envisioned myself graduating from is not actually the best fit for me was a hard realization to come to.