Lily Stauffer

Class Year: 2017

Hometown: Princeton, NJ

Area of Study: Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing

Interests: Traveling, swimming, biking, jewelry making


Bienvenido! My name is Lily and I am a pharmaceutical and healthcare marketing major and Spanish minor here at SJU.  Home right now is Princeton, NJ, but I have lived in 4 different states (and Washington D.C.).

In high school, I was known as that girl who ran into class 15 minutes late everyday with wet hair and coffee, as I was a competitive swimmer and had practice in the morning before school. I had initially planned on swimming in college, and seemingly had my next four years mapped out. A week after signing my letter of intent to swim Division 1, I fractured two spots in my back, and just like that ended my swimming career.

Now a sophomore at Saint Joe’s, I am recovering from my injury, and most importantly discovering new passions and exploring a world outside of swimming. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason.

I stay extremely busy on campus, and thrive when my schedule is jam-packed. When I am not in classes or interning at University Communications, I can usually be found in the pharmaceutical marketing office, in DB with my sorority sisters, at the pool, or in Starbucks.

I am AVP of Marketing for PILOT, the club that represents the pharmaceutical marketing major, and also am student editor for the newsletter about the program. As for my sorority, I am a proud sister of Alpha Phi, and love spending time at our events on campus and hanging out in free period. After my yummy hawk wrap from DB I like to make time to get to the pool to swim. I also lifeguarded at both of our on campus pools and taught swim lessons through the Swim America program. Lastly, if there’s any time to spare, Starbucks is my favorite treat.


Café con Leche

We are officially one month in. With school now in full swing, I’ve been spending most of my free time exploring new cafés to mix up regular homework time. My roomates and I have been trying to find a new one almost everyday…definitely spending more time wandering for hidden gems than actually studying. It didn’t take long to get accustomed to the traditional Spanish coffee order- a café con leche and usually churros con chocolate to go with it. Only two windy streets from our house we found an amazing market called Mercado San Miguel, which reminds me so much of Redding Terminal back home.


Making Madrid Mine

Today marks my first week living in Madrid and I’m already feeling like a Madrileño. I live with a host mother we call Mar, her husband, two sons, and baby daughter named Inoah. No one in the family speaks English, so while at home it is complete Spanish immersion. Our apartment is located in the heart of Madrid, right next to Puerta del Sol. Fun fact, Madrid geographically is the center of Spain, and Puerta del Sol is the center of Madrid… so we are quite literally centrally located. My room has a beautiful balcony that looks out over El Palacio Real,


¡Es Oficial!

I am thrilled to announce that in 141 days I will be officially jetting off for a semester abroad in the beautiful capitol of Spain…Madrid! I spent one week in Madrid for a study tour Spanish class last summer– and instantly fell in love. Whether we were walking through the town plazas such as the Plaza Mayor, touring the Prado and Reina Sophia museums, or getting lost in their version of Central Park called El Retiro, I knew then that I could see myself living in Madrid. While there I will be completing my Spanish minor and as well as taking the remainder of my GEP classes.


Total Sorority Move

I never pictured myself as a sorority girl. Like many other high-schoolers, the only things I knew about Greek life I had learned from the wild stories depicted on ABC Family’s Greek. The parties, the drinking, the frat guys, the beautifully over-the-top sorority mansions. I would listen to countless stories from my older friends describing their latest mixer theme or let them vent to me about the strain of rush week and pledge periods and it all sounded like a foreign language.

Well, needless to say as a wide eyed freshman at SJU I couldn’t help but notice the Greeks on campus.



Yes, after a fabulous month filled with high school friends, home cooked meals, and at least two seasons of (insert current Netflix show), coming back to school felt a little bittersweet.

Nevertheless, seeing beautiful Barbelin as I pulled back into campus reminded me of all the great times at SJU last semester. After the first couple days of classes I was already feeling at home again, and based off of the vast amount of #BackAtIt pictures on instagram, so was everybody else.

As for me, spring semester has already brought on some new changes- starting with this blog!