Allison Quilty

Class Year: 2016

Hometown: Center Valley, PA

Area of Study: Marketing

Interests: Travel, old book stores, Philadelphia, fun facts, SJU, and my dog.


Greetings Hawks! I’m Ally Quilty and I’m a Senior at SJU, while I’m still here I’m looking forward to sharing about my experience at Saint Joe’s and all the things this school has to offer anyone who is lucky enough to call Hawk Hill home.

I’m on campus most of the time, I’m on the exec board for both Delta Sigma Pi and Enactus SJU. I’m also a Student Ambassador for the Career Development Center and the Student Alumni Association.

After graduation I’m hoping to live and work in Philadelphia, staying close to my SJU home.


Areas of SJU’s Library Defined


It’s inevitable that as a college student you’re going to spend a lot of time at the library meeting with groups, printing papers, or finishing up a last minute assignment. Each area of the library has a distinct personality, it’s helpful to know what area is best for what to make the most of our library!


First floor new side:

It’s almost guaranteed that if you sit here you won’t get any work done whatsoever. Sit down and suddenly you will see everyone you have ever met at SJU and they will all be feeling really chatty.


The Perks of Staying on Campus as an Upperclassman

I’m a senior this year and my friends and I really wanted to live off campus in a house. After months of trying to find a suitable place that was big enough for six people we decided to do on-campus housing registration. We now are all happily living in the townhouses, and there are some unexpected perks even though I initially felt like I was missing out not living off-campus.

No splitting bills

One of the biggest issues of living off campus is managing paying bills and rent. If you’re living with a large group then making sure everyone pays for everything on time can get time consuming and it can cause tensions within the group as well if one person isn’t keeping up with payments.


The People’s Pope

Today hundreds of Saint Joseph’s University students lined City Avenue to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis arriving at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary around noon and then again when he departed for the Center City around 4:00. During both passes student’s enthusiasm was contagious. Cheers, including a rendition of “When the hawks go flying in,” could be heard throughout the crowd.

I couldn’t help but smile being a part of such a historic event for the city of Philadelphia and for our school. Every person I passed was grinning and excited to just see Pope Francis for a second.


The Six People You’ll Have in a Group Project


The beginning of every semester comes with the familiar dread of all the group projects you are about to be assigned. While some groups execute like a dream team others struggle to stay afloat. Here are some archetypes I have interacted with during groups projects here at SJU.


The Unquestioned Leader

When you see this person is in your group you know you won’t have much of a say in how this project goes down, and you’re okay with that. The unquestioned leader is the most efficient and organized member of any group project.


7 Questions to Ask While Looking for an Internship

Searching for a summer internship can be a daunting task. You can send in dozens of resumes and applications and only hear back from a handful and from that handful only interview with a few companies. With the career fair coming up and so many companies visiting campus take time to ask a few of these questions to get a better sense of how their internship program works and how you would fit in to all that.


What would my typical day look like?

You are going to be spending your summer here.