Delaware Valley Student Affairs Conference 2016

After joining the Student Union Board here on campus, I realized that planning events for college campuses was something that I enjoyed and was pretty good at. So I started talking to a few administrators around campus about pursuing a job in Student Affairs. This includes all of the departments that oversee RAs, orientation leaders, programming boards, Greek Life and much more.

On Friday, I attended the 42nd Delaware Valley Student Affairs Conference with another student from SJU. She and I were serving as interns for the conference, which was an initiative that was implemented for the first time this year.


All Aboard the Struggle Bus: Part III

The long awaited final part of your new favorite (yup, definitely your favorite) trilogy! If you’re just tuning in, feel free to check out part I and part II!

Vivian’s new shoes were pretty great. They were comfortable and they just happened to be the same color as her raincoat. Nicole and Vivian took the magical subway across the city, and walked the rest of the way to the art museum. It was a cloudy day, but fortunately it was a pleasant 70 degrees outside. They walked through a park and past the Ben Franklin Parkway.


Galentine’s Day 2016

The term “Galentine’s Day” was first brought to us via the comedic gold that is NBC’s Parks and Recreation. For some, this special holiday is celebrated on February 13th, but others celebrate it on the 14th, sort of as an anti-Valentine’s Day celebration. Galentine’s Day is a time for girl friends to come together and celebrate one another. If you’ve read my Hawk Mate post, you know I’m a big fan of empowering female friendships. And now, thanks to Leslie Knope, there’s a whole day to celebrate these friendships.

I’m not an anti-Valentine’s Day crusader or anything;


Trying to eat healthy in the dining hall

I always say that I’m going to eat healthier, but this semester I decided that I really wanted to give it a try. It is not always easy but so far I have been doing pretty well. What I’ve realized is that my best option for a well-rounded meal (or as well rounded as it can get in a college dining hall) is to go to the Home Zone (between the Grill and Dessert stations if you don’t pay attention to the names). For example, a few weeks ago they were serving meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas, and roasted cauliflower. The cauliflower is surprisingly really good when it’s roasted,


All Aboard the Struggle Bus: Part II

The second part to your favorite (okay, second favorite) trilogy! Catch Part I here and stay tuned for Part III next week!

Vivian and her dear comrade Nicole had planned to journey to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the Impressionist exhibit. Vivian was so excited to go, but her feet were so sore, she was kinda exhausted and on top of all of that she overslept. She whirled around her room like a tornado picking out whatever clothes she could find and throwing on the first pair of shoes she could find. She ran to the door and power walked to the train station (Vivian’s not much of an athlete,


The Struggle of Getting Yourself to Class: Winter Edition

If you’ve ever come in contact with me while outdoors between the months of December and February, I’m sorry. Winter and I are not friends. I find winter to be cold and depressing, and all around just not a good time. Combine this hatred of the cold months with living on a campus where it is only logical to walk everywhere, and the result will be my ultimate struggle of getting to class. It’s not that I mind going to class, it’s just the idea of leaving my cozy apartment to face the harsh reality of the cold outside world.


All Aboard the Struggle Bus: Part 1

Once upon a time, in a land not far away at all, a pretty awesome, snarky, fan girl who just coincidentally happened to be named Vivian wanted to have the best weekend ever. She was going to go to a Twenty One Pilots concert on a Friday, visit the Philadelphia Art Museum on Saturday morning and spend the whole day in the city, then on Sunday go to another concert. It was supposed to be the best weekend ever. It was the complete opposite of that. Stay tuned for the next few weeks for the full trilogy!

Let’s begin at the concert.


Public and Private Accounting Differences

Understanding the differences of the two main types of accounting can help you decide how to start your career path. The two main types of accounting are public and private. The big difference is in private you can only work for one company, while in public you work with more than one client or company. For example in private accounting, you would just be working for Coca-Cola; and in public accounting you would be working for a firm that provides accounting services to Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Starting your career in a private company like Coca-Cola, you would not typically receive any true accounting experience unless if you are in their corporate headquarters.


Food Marketers in Action

Saint Joseph’s University is one of the few schools that have a major known as Food Marketing, and this area of study is quite possibly the most popular major on Hawk Hill. Students have graduated with jobs lined up at large companies, such as General Mills, and have gained valuable experience from their professors, who have worked in the food industry. Another aspect to the Food Marketing major is an option known as the Food Marketing Co-op. In this plan, students are in a five-year program where they take the required courses for the major,


Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King

As we all know, we had a break from classes yesterday in observance of MLK Day. This week there are lots of events and activities scheduled by the Diversity Awareness Committee to continue celebrating his legacy:

Tuesday, January 19th: