“An Old Lady and the Internet”… Or, “I try to figure out Twitter, Part One.”

I’m pretty far behind when it comes to Internet trends. It took me a while to become active on Facebook, and that’s where my social media interaction stopped. And believe it or not, I’m still rocking the old-school flip phone.

It’s not that I’m bad with technology, or that I’m ideologically opposed to the new age of communication. I just didn’t think it was a big deal. I didn’t think I needed to be connected any more than I was.

The shock came first when I was told that I needed to create a Twitter for my job at the campus writing center (@sjuwrites).


Home is where the Hawks are

As Dorothy realized in the Wizard of Oz, there is no place like home. Your hometown will always be there for you to go back to. However, once you move to Hawk Hill, you will find a new family and a new home. Nine months out of the year that I am on campus, I consider my dorm room home. I started to call my dorm room home after I personalized it to make it unique.

The only way for you to consider your dorm room a home is if it represents who you are. My first year at Saint Joseph’s,


The Struggles of a Transfer Student

Let me make one thing clear:

There is NEVER a convenient time to say goodbye to your friends, pack up your belongings, and start all over at a new school. No matter what time of the year you decide to transfer, you are going to feel like an outsider when you arrive at your new destination. Having recently gone through the transfer process, I can personally attest to feeling lonely, scared, nervous, and mad at myself for leaving my comfortable life at my previous university to begin again at a new school where everything seemed so foreign.

Recognizing that the college I envisioned myself graduating from is not actually the best fit for me was a hard realization to come to.


How Hawk Hill Basketball Changes You

For any upperclassman on Hawk Hill such as myself, we understand how this campus changes once it hits basketball season. The Basketball here on Hawk hill has the ability to bring everyone together no matter who they are or where they are from. There is always one thing every student can agree on; St. Joe’s is the best team in the Big Five. In some cases students have a difficult time adjusting to a college campus, but this team helps both freshman and transfer students to adjust to life at Saint Joseph’s University. The basketball team provides first-time experience of hype,



Yes, after a fabulous month filled with high school friends, home cooked meals, and at least two seasons of (insert current Netflix show), coming back to school felt a little bittersweet.

Nevertheless, seeing beautiful Barbelin as I pulled back into campus reminded me of all the great times at SJU last semester. After the first couple days of classes I was already feeling at home again, and based off of the vast amount of #BackAtIt pictures on instagram, so was everybody else.

As for me, spring semester has already brought on some new changes- starting with this blog!


“I can count the people I care about on one hand.”

“I can count the people I care about on one hand.”

This was my catch-phrase in high school. I even wrote a song containing that lyric. Remarkably, five has remained my magic number at St. Joe’s. Discounting my family, there are five people in the world whom I consider to be my true friends. Last week, however, I was reminded that my number is soon to shrink.

College friendships are a tricky thing. My roommate, for example, is in the same grade as I am. We are (except in the event of a tragedy) going to be co-habitating for the rest of our time at Saint Joe’s.