“I’m leaving on a jet plane. I don’t know when I’ll be back again.”

– Peter, Paul and Mary, ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’

Well, actually, I do know when I’ll be back again: four and a half months from now. November 19.

In a little less than eight days, I’ll be heading over 9,000 miles across the world with no one I know (know one I know yet, anyway). In just over a week I’ll be in Sydney, Australia, and in two I’ll travel to Melbourne. And once there, I’ll be officially a University of Melbourne student for the next four months.

I’m typing all of this,


Firefly Music Festival Experience: Camping Edition

I returned home from Firefly one week ago today, and I have finally caught up on sleep and gone through all of my pictures, which means I’m ready to talk about it. This was my third year attending the festival, and it was by far my favorite. My group decided to camp for the first time, which had its major challenges and major rewards. The music was incredible. The atmosphere was magical. The experience was unforgettable.

So, we arrived in Dover, DE on Wednesday, June 15, to grab our “Wednesday Premiere” camping spot. We were lucky because we were in Lot 18,


Update On My Life: Part 2- Summer Class & It Hurts to Swallow?

May 12th-June 5th


Here we are, Part 2 of my snippet of life. Quick recap of Part 1, I ended up leaving to go home to recover from my oh so painful strep throat. So did I end up not taking my finals you may ask? Unfortunately no. But, the Office of Student Success was very helpful in rescheduling my finals for when I felt better, which was much appreciated.


After my finals were done I spent about a week or so at home, and then packed up one more time to move back to school,


Update On My Life: Part 1- Finals & Health

In the last month I have rescheduled finals, finished my first year in college, seen many doctors, taken a summer class, started an internship, and visited with friends old and new. May and June have been quite busy, but that’s what your youth is for, right? So, here is a look into a nineteen year olds life: the fun times, the rough times, and the in-between times that add up to a whole experience to just tally onto my life, enjoy!


May 3rd-11th


For every other college student at SJU this week meant Finals Week,


Campus Rape Culture and How the Media Perpetuates It

It’s been spreading like wildfire; the outrage and downright disgust felt by people, especially female college students, everywhere in reaction to the news of the extremely lenient sentence given to Brock Turner who was found guilty on three counts related to sexual assault. As I read through the headlines on this story, the phrases I consistently see describing Turner are “Stanford swimmer,” “All-American Swimmer,” and “20-year-old kid.” The words that are missing from these news stories are “rapist,” “felon,” and “predator.”

Turner was found by two witnesses raping a woman behind a fraternity on January 18, 2015. At first glance,


Conquering the Summertime Standstill

We’re about a month into summer and I know I’m not the only one going a little stir crazy with the same routine different day thing. Summer is definitely my favorite time of the year, but it’s easy to get lost in the lack of structure that comes with hot days and weird sleep schedules. Even if you have a regular job or internship that you go to every day, things can get pretty boring. It’s different from going to class every day because each day offers something new and exciting, both in and out of the classroom. I think it’s very important to have some type of progression;


Declaring a Minor

I began my time at SJU as a Communications major, but after my first semester decided to switch over to the wonderful world of the English major. It was potentially the greatest decision I made while at Saint Joe’s. Don’t get me wrong; I know a lot of Communications majors who love what they do, but Communications just wasn’t the major for me.

Because my parents were concerned about what I could do with an English major, they thought it would be best that I declare a minor. This presented a new problem for me because I had no idea what to minor in.


SOS: I’m Not A Business Major

This March I had the opportunity to attend the international collegiate marketing conference in New Orleans, Louisiana as part of the American Marketing Association executive board. I learned a lot on this trip; why my digital footprint is so important, tips for successful fundraising, and effective networking information. It was eye opening, in more ways than one.

What was most apparent at the beginning of this conference was the fact that I am not a business major. What was most apparent at the end of this conference was the fact that I am so happy I am not a business major.


A Summer Weekend at SJU

This weekend, I’m visiting my friend Molly at her off-campus Drexel Arms apartment, just down the road from main campus. I’ve never been on campus when school is not in session, and it’s pretty weird. Being here honestly makes me miss the school year even more because it’s so quiet. Saint Joe’s during the summer is what I imagine a waterpark to be like in the winter.

Driving around campus today really made me reflect on what makes this place so special. It isn’t the nice buildings or manicured lawns. Those are nice and all, but without the students,


5 Signs You Just May, Sort Of, Kind Of, Be An Adult

With the recent graduation of the class of 2016 I couldn’t help but think that soon that will be me, walking across the stage, receiving my diploma, wondering what’s to come next…

Changing your tassel from right to left does not magically transform a person into an adult. Though it may seem like it happens overnight, and you suddenly wake up realizing all of the responsibilities you now have, adulthood isn’t automatic. This overwhelming feeling of responsibility, this change in how your day now plays out from start to finish, it slowly but surely consumes a person. Day by day you do little things that eventually all construct you as a person,