“How can we not raise a voice against the madness?”

– Crosby, Stills & Nash, ‘Raise a Voice’

Northern Arizona University. Texas Southern University. Umpqua Community College. Community College of Philadelphia.

What do students of these four schools have in common?

They all experienced some form of gun violence on their campuses within the past week.

St. Joe’s students were given a taste of this fear this past week, after discovering a threat on the site 4Chan directed at “Philadelphia area schools” posted over the weekend. It spoke of a “beta uprising” that had begun on the West Coast would continue on the East on Monday.


Reasons to stay on campus for Fall Break

If you’re like me and live too far away to travel home for only 4-5 days, then you’ve probably noticed that very few people are still on campus right now. However, that’s not really a bad thing. At least I don’t think so. I’ve stayed on campus for every Fall Break for the past four years and I have to admit that I love it. Here’s why:

  1. Silence – I don’t have to go to the library to get work done. There are no distractions whatsoever, and if you did decide to go to the library, you don’t have to worry about it turning into social hour
  2. Campion is never crowded –


Why Pinterest is important for RAs

Pinterest is probably one of my favorite things to do when I’m bored, need to wind down or take a break from working. However, it can also be useful when I need to be productive as well.

As an RA I’m required to make useful bulletin boards and decorative name tags for my residents, but I am not a creative person. I have no artistic ability (except for one picture that I drew a long time ago) and I can hardly draw a straight line.

So when I need a little inspiration, I turn to Pinterest.


Traveling During the Semester: 8 Tips for Getting Away

This past weekend, I traveled from our lovely campus in Philly all the way to Austin, Texas to attend Austin City Limits Music Festival. Many of the people I told about this adventure I was about to embark on were surprised that I was going so far for just one weekend in the middle of the semester.

Often in college, it can seem like you are living life in a bubble, as if everything you do and experience starts and ends on campus. However, with some strategic planning and an adventurous spirit, traveling in college is easier than it may seem.


My First College Test

This week I took my first real college test. Sure, I’ve taken the little quizzes, written essays, but a big college test, well; I guess I’m not in Kansas (high school) anymore. The exam was difficult sure, but mostly it was the whole experience of it all that really threw me for a loop. After I handed in my test and left the classroom I thought to myself, “Alright, I think I did well on that” but mostly I was thinking, “I need to write a blog about this” And so, my first college test experience:


Walking up the flight of stairs to my classroom I was greeted with panicked stares glancing up at me briefly from their notebooks as I walked into the room.


On Being

I spent a lot of the second semester of my junior year being absolutely frantic about my future after St. Joe’s. One of my professors joked with me that my freak outs were incredibly pre-mature; and I responded that I was always one who liked to do things ahead of schedule. As a senior, I am constantly asked what my plans are after graduation and what I want to do with my life; and I’m expected to give a real, serious answer. Well, here’s my answer: I just want to be.

I want to be happy. I want to wake up every single day,


If Not Me, Then Who? – 10/14 Safe Zone Training

I never want to stop going to school.


Life-long learning, to some, might sound torturous. But school is about being more than just a student. (I am not going to use the word “magis.” Sorry.) Learning is about opening your mind to new experiences, and about developing the ability to evaluate every second of every day in terms of what you can do to make the world a better place. Maybe even a safer place.


Safety has definitely been on my mind the past few days. I know I’m not alone.


The Pope, The Press, and An Intern: When Papal Meets Professional

It’s been a little over a week since Pope Francis visited Philadelphia, and I still can’t stop replaying scenes from those two days over and over again in my mind.


I was in the vicinity of Pope Francis’s incredibly moving speech at Independence Hall. I teared up when he closed with an Our Father in English, and nearly again when he waved and drove by where I was camped out in Franklin Square, to watch the speech on a Jumbotron.


I was there when he drove up and down the Ben Franklin Parkway just after twilight’s waning,



Recently there have been many articles, blogs and news reports about the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia. The World Meetings of Families went off without a hitch and was one of the most successful events in the history of Philadelphia. The personal effect the Pontiff had on each person within the city of Philadelphia was extraordinary. But, what about the impact the Pope had on a local university? The minute it was announced that Pope Francis would be attending The World Meetings of Families in Philadelphia and staying at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary, SJU was buzzing. Would Pope Francis visit Saint Joseph’s University?


AMA Cupcake Challenge

As mentioned previously in my About Me section, I am a freshmen here at SJU and hope to dive right into all of the fun things happening around campus. In order to do just this I have joined a club that I am particularly excited about, since it is technically not in my major, and allows me to broaden my horizons even more. The American Marketing Association (AMA) is a national club, and we are lucky to have our own branch here at SJU! Since joining this club I have attended meetings where speakers from companies such as Pepsi Co spoke,