Group Projects

We all hate them, and yet, professors still make us do them. Usually the excuse is because in the “real world” we will have to do them so, we should practice now.

The thing is, group projects can be fun, but only if you like the people who you work with. If you have friends in the class and you can choose to work together, you know that you can trust them. When groups are assigned, there is usually that one person that hardly does their part, doesn’t show up for meetings, but somehow gets the same grade as everyone else.


We talked about dead people

I was lucky enough to meet Cheryl Della Pietra, the author of Gonzo Girl on October 27th. I read her book for my literary journalism class and, honestly, I loved it. The novel is based on Pietra’s time as Hunter S. Thompson’s assistant. Hunter S. Thompson was an American writer who wrote about politics, his own life, and oh, you know, just the mass amounts of drugs he took and alcohol he drank.

Pietra read from her novel and answered questions from the audience. People asked her about her time with Thompson, what inspired her to write the book,


7 Reasons why I hate “Rate My Professor”

It’s that time of year again, the real life Hunger Games: Class Registration.

Many students turn to to find all the dirty little secrets about the faculty on campus. But this is not the place to go!!! Let the all wise senior tell you take you on a journey of scandal and debauchery. 😉 The horrors that await you on this so called “YELP for professors” website are unhelpful and just plain dumb.

Don’t believe me? Just continue reading and I will tell ALL!

So here are 7 reasons why I hate “Rate My Professor”:

  1. Spite –


There’s No Place like Home!

What does it mean when you go home and it doesn’t feel like home? Obviously, it’s your home, but it doesn’t feel right. Maybe you felt the same way. Maybe your home didn’t feel the same and you can’t figure out why. When you’ve been at college for a month and the only thing that got you through midterms week was knowing that you would be back home for a few days to unwind, eat some home cooking and procrastinate doing the work that was assigned during break until Tuesday night. What happens when you walk into your bedroom and you don’t recognize it?


Reasons to stay on campus for Fall Break

If you’re like me and live too far away to travel home for only 4-5 days, then you’ve probably noticed that very few people are still on campus right now. However, that’s not really a bad thing. At least I don’t think so. I’ve stayed on campus for every Fall Break for the past four years and I have to admit that I love it. Here’s why:

  1. Silence – I don’t have to go to the library to get work done. There are no distractions whatsoever, and if you did decide to go to the library, you don’t have to worry about it turning into social hour
  2. Campion is never crowded –


Why Pinterest is important for RAs

Pinterest is probably one of my favorite things to do when I’m bored, need to wind down or take a break from working. However, it can also be useful when I need to be productive as well.

As an RA I’m required to make useful bulletin boards and decorative name tags for my residents, but I am not a creative person. I have no artistic ability (except for one picture that I drew a long time ago) and I can hardly draw a straight line.

So when I need a little inspiration, I turn to Pinterest.


Traveling During the Semester: 8 Tips for Getting Away

This past weekend, I traveled from our lovely campus in Philly all the way to Austin, Texas to attend Austin City Limits Music Festival. Many of the people I told about this adventure I was about to embark on were surprised that I was going so far for just one weekend in the middle of the semester.

Often in college, it can seem like you are living life in a bubble, as if everything you do and experience starts and ends on campus. However, with some strategic planning and an adventurous spirit, traveling in college is easier than it may seem.


On Being

I spent a lot of the second semester of my junior year being absolutely frantic about my future after St. Joe’s. One of my professors joked with me that my freak outs were incredibly pre-mature; and I responded that I was always one who liked to do things ahead of schedule. As a senior, I am constantly asked what my plans are after graduation and what I want to do with my life; and I’m expected to give a real, serious answer. Well, here’s my answer: I just want to be.

I want to be happy. I want to wake up every single day,


Think Pink Week!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the first full week of October (10/5-10/9) at SJU is Think Pink Week!

This year the week is Philly themed and all proceeds will go to the PA Breast Cancer Coalition! (For more information about the PA BCC click here

As always, the t-shirts this year look awesome! They will be sold for $10 each. Make sure you get one early because they will most likely sell out before the end of the week.


Below is the schedule for the week so you know exactly where to be and when:

  • Monday
    • Bake Sale in Mandeville 11am-2pm
    • T-shirt and raffles sale
  • Tuesday
    • Cake pops in the library 11am-12:30pm
      • 1 cake pop for $1
    • Guest speaker event,


What to do during Pope Weekend!

It has begun! Pope Weekend is upon us. If you’re heading home this weekend…good for you! But for those of us that don’t have that option, here’s a little guide to help you through the madness:

Step 1: Go to Acme, Giant, or Target either tonight or in the morning to stock up!

Step 2: If you don’t have class tomorrow, enjoy getting a little extra rest (or sleeping all day)

Step 3: Use this time to catch up on work, maybe study for that upcoming exam that you forgot about (You’re welcome for the reminder 🙂 )

Step 4: After you been as productive as possible,