All Aboard the Struggle Bus: Part II

The second part to your favorite (okay, second favorite) trilogy! Catch Part I here and stay tuned for Part III next week!

Vivian and her dear comrade Nicole had planned to journey to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the Impressionist exhibit. Vivian was so excited to go, but her feet were so sore, she was kinda exhausted and on top of all of that she overslept. She whirled around her room like a tornado picking out whatever clothes she could find and throwing on the first pair of shoes she could find. She ran to the door and power walked to the train station (Vivian’s not much of an athlete,


All Aboard the Struggle Bus: Part 1

Once upon a time, in a land not far away at all, a pretty awesome, snarky, fan girl who just coincidentally happened to be named Vivian wanted to have the best weekend ever. She was going to go to a Twenty One Pilots concert on a Friday, visit the Philadelphia Art Museum on Saturday morning and spend the whole day in the city, then on Sunday go to another concert. It was supposed to be the best weekend ever. It was the complete opposite of that. Stay tuned for the next few weeks for the full trilogy!

Let’s begin at the concert.


Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King

As we all know, we had a break from classes yesterday in observance of MLK Day. This week there are lots of events and activities scheduled by the Diversity Awareness Committee to continue celebrating his legacy:

Tuesday, January 19th:


Scheduling Woes

What is one of the most stressful times in any college student’s life? I’m not talking finals week or graduation here people — I’m talking scheduling. This time is so important to every student’s well being, as it determines how your next semester will go. Will you get all of the classes you wanted but awful times, or maybe all of the teachers are great, but it didn’t follow your original plan? Either way, scheduling at any school is always a tad different, so lets first break down how it’s done here at SJU.


On Hawk Hill there is a week worth of scheduling.


My First Semester Recap

Well, my first semester as a Saint Joseph’s University student has come and gone just as fast as everyone said it would. As I relish in the post holiday laziness of my winter break, I have been able to take a moment and look back at my first semester. There have been many highs and lows that have accompanied these few short months, and all are what I believe every new college student will face.


Roommates & Friends

High: The great thing about college is that you are surrounded by people all day,


Tips for keeping your New Year’s Resolutions

Some people make New Years Resolutions every year, but how many us actually stick with them? Here are a few tips to make sure that you reach you goals this year:

  1. Make sure your resolutions are things that you really want.
    • Your resolutions should be something that you want to achieve, not what others think you should achieve. Sure we can all go to the gym more often, but do you really want to? If the answer is no, then you may not have enough motivation to work for it. If you’re not motivated, then why make it a goal in the first place?


New Year Resolutions: Yay or Nay?

Most people seem to either be avidly in favor of making New Year resolutions or avidly against making New Year resolutions. While everybody’s got their reasons, one way or another, I am 100% a New Year resolutions person.

At the start of 2015, after returning from a semester abroad, I lived off campus for the first time and truly started to feel like an upperclassmen. With that feeling came my resolution to find an internship closely related to my field: education. It started to hit me that I had only three semesters left and the handful of jobs I’d held had not actually given me any real experience in what I hoped to do for the rest of my life.


Winter Break Bucket List

As a senior, I’ve seen relaxing winter breaks, ones where I’ve worked way too much and come back to second semester burnt out, and others where I just did not accomplish everything that I had hoped. THIS year I’m taking a stand and making sure I create the winter break of my choosing, starting with a handy-dandy to do list. Although the things you want and need to do may be different from mine, this list should give you some ideas of ways to be productive over the break!

1. Update my LinkedIn account

As I apply for post-grad opportunities and spring internships,


Radio 1851 Networking Lunch

In early October, Radio 1851 participated in national College Radio Day. The event is organized by the College Radio Foundation, and its purpose is to bring college radio stations together all around the world to celebrate the importance of college radio.

Saint Joseph’s campus radio station, Radio 1851, used the week of College Radio Day as a chance to run events to engage their DJs and the students on campus. One event of the week was a career networking lunch. Radio 1851 Career Networking Lunch provided students the opportunity to network with and learn from a panel of guests that are program directors and on-air personalities from local radio stations.


It’s Not a Place, It’s a Feeling: Calling Hawk Hill “Home”

After talking with some friends who go to other universities, I’ve realized not everyone calls the place that they live while at school “home.” After one decides he or she will attend Saint Joe’s, it is commonplace to say “SJU will be my home for the next four years.” The concept of home is a complex one because it is not necessarily a place, it is a feeling.

Yesterday, while I was preparing to go back to campus after Thanksgiving break, I told a friend that “I’m going home tomorrow.” I caught myself saying this, and realized that while at my actual home where I grew up,